Officers recognized for heroic efforts at theater shooting

Sgt. Lisa Castellano, SAISD Officer Armando Olgin honored

SAN ANTONIO – A Bexar County Sheriff's Office sergeant and a San Antonio Independent School District police officer were recognized Wednesday for their heroic actions during a theater shooting at the Mayan Theater on the city's South Side.

Sgt. Lisa Castellano said when she went to work on Sunday night, it was just an ordinary day. But when Jesus Garcia, 19, allegedly opened fire at the theater she was working at, Castellano knew she had to stop him.

"I'm glad I was able to do that, but this is part of the job," Castellano said. "It's what we do every day. So, it's not anything I feel special about. I'm just glad I can do it."

Castellano said she saw Garcia run into a bathroom. She followed him and when he walked out, still armed with a gun, she demanded he drop the weapon.

After Garcia ignored her commands, Castellano fired several shots.

At that time, SAISD police officer Armando Olgin, who was off duty and watching a movie with his family, ran over to help Castellano detain the shooter.

"It just happened," Olgin said. "It's just part of what we go into as law enforcement officers. I just happened to be there to help her out."

Although Castellano said it hasn't hit her about how many lives she potentially saved that night, she said she credits training at the sheriff's office for her actions.

"It was really nerve wrecking," she said. "I'm not going to lie. It was frightening, but the training kicks in and thank you to the Sheriff's Office for all of the training we are given."

Sheriff Amador Ortiz said he also credits the training and said Castellano acted like a pro.

"She acted just like just out of a story book," Ortiz said. "She stopped this individual, and there's a lot of people in San Antonio that owe their life to this wonderful sergeant."

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