Couple accused of selling DVDs of pirated movies

Dolores Carrillo, Leobardo Suarez arrested

SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio couple arrested in July in connection with an illegal fencing operation are facing new charges of pirating movies.

Dolores Carrillo, 56, and Leobardo Suarez, 47, are facing new charges.

According to the arrest affidavit, San Antonio police had been watching Carrillo and Suarez, who are married, for some time.

Detectives said they believe that the two were receiving and reselling items that they knew were stolen. After a raid on their home in July Carrillo and Suarez and a third suspect were arrested.

The affidavit said police found 143 DVDs containing what they suspected were pirated movies. An expert who screened some of the DVDs confirmed that 124 of them were counterfeit, the affidavit said.

Investigators said the couple was selling the DVDs at local flea markets.

The new charges were filed Monday against Carrillo and Suarez

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