Glass wall enclosure plan proposed for Alamo Plaza tabled

Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff against wall enclosure

SAN ANTONIO – The idea of a plexiglass wall around Alamo Plaza is no more for now. The wall, which was initially part of the Alamo’s master plan, has been tabled.

Not only did many people believe the wall would be historically inaccurate, people thought it would be a safety hazard in an emergency situation.

The Alamo master plan was approved in May. The approval from City Council includes the closing of Alamo Street from Houston Street to Market Street and the closing of Crockett Street from Losoya Street to Bonham.

The wall was one of the items most debated-about changes. The thinking is that it would create a barrier between the Alamo and the community.

Residents voiced their concerns about the enclosures at a series of public meetings. Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff was also one of the people against the change.

Wolff wrote a letter to Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush, thanking Bush for meeting with him and saying he's pleased to see that the wall has been tabled.

“It cuts off the circulation (for) people coming down Houston Street or coming the other way with the wall there. Believe me, they didn't have a plexiglass wall in 1836,” Wolff said.

The Alamo project is being funded by two separate propositions that passed in May. The total cost is estimated at $400 million.

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