Katy pastor returns to church for first time since Harvey devastated area

KATY, Texas – Every one of pastor Jorge Cardenas' steps was filled with emotion on Friday as he visited the Church on the Rock for the first time since Harvey devastated the area.

"Five days ago we had this place beautifully arranged with furniture and now it's in shambles," Cardenas said.

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It was the place Cardenas preached the word of God. Despite the shambles, one of his most precious possessions, his Bible, was untouched by Harvey.

Cardenas finds strength in the little things.

"It's dry," Cardenas said, looking at the area where he baptizes people. "So, that's good news it's dry -- not a drop of water."

Cardenas and wife Olivia not only lost the church, but they lost their home and were rescued by canoe. Despite the heartache and loss, he refuses to question God's will.

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"The reality is that we all go through crisis of our faith in moments like this," Cardenas said. "We question 'Why?' I personally asked myself, 'God why me?' The church and my house, all gone and then I said, 'Wait a minute, why not me?' I can take it because I have faith."

Cardenas wife hopes that same feeling trickles down to their congregation.

"This is a beautiful place to worship God," she said. "I know that god has a purpose to do things different ways that we don't understand sometimes, but I encourage people to not lose their faith."

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Pastor Cardenas plans to start the rebuilding process in the next few days. He's also been given a temporary place to preach at a neighboring church until they can get back on their feet.

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