Final Four, Tricentennial, Fiesta: City Council sees how PD/FD prepares for big events

SAN ANTONIO – How prepared is San Antonio for an emergency and how do first responders prepare?

Weekly training helping SAFD, SAPD prepare for mass casualty shooting

Whether it’s a natural disaster or a terror attack, City Council members got a chance to ask those questions Wednesday.

The subject has been a hot topic following Hurricane Harvey the storm missed San Antonio by miles, sparing the city the catastrophic flooding that impacted southeast Texas.

Since the storm, the city looked at what areas would flood most significantly if San Antonio were to see that much rain and how infrastructure can be protected.

What to do in an active shooter emergency

Meanwhile, Police Chief William McManus and Fire Chief Charles Hood, said Wednesday that local first responders are consistently training for the worst.

First responders are also looking at how to best prepare for a mass emergency during the one of the city's biggest events, such as Fiesta, the NCAA Final Four and the yearlong tricentennial celebration.

Las Vegas attack has SA officials thinking security for large events

“We look at best practices. We look at incidents. We have gone to other cities to look at what they do,” Hood said. “We study all the events that are going on to make sure that we are prepared.”

The fire department has also created a grid map of downtown San Antonio. It specifies the latitude and longitude of certain locations in the event an entire landmark or intersection is destroyed by a catastrophe.