WATCH: SA teen's epic saxophone performance will bring tears to your eyes

SAN ANTONIO – Video of a San Antonio teen playing "Christmas Time is Here" on his saxophone is literally bringing people to tears.

As snow fell in the parking lot of H-E-B on Thursday, Clark High School sophomore Dylan Knowles broke out his saxophone and spread the Christmas spirit, setting the holiday mood for others watching the snowflakes accumulate.

San Antonio saw 1.9 inches of snow, prompting many to get outdoors and celebrate the rare occurrence. The snowfall was the most snow San Antonio had seen since 1985.

"Light snow had just started when I went into the store and he wanted to wait in the car for me," Dylan's mother, Liz Perez Knowles, explained. "When I came back out a few minutes later it was a snowstorm! He was looking at me as I was walking to the car and he just jumped right out with his sax and started playing. He said he just felt so inspired and happy and he felt like he probably wouldn't ever get a chance to play in snow like that again."

Liz recorded her son's performance and posted it to Facebook. It has received nothing but positive feedback, with some saying the video brought them to tears.

"It was just the sweetest moment for me and some people that had gathered around to watch him as well," Knowles said.

Knowles said her son's passion is music and, of course, playing his saxophone. Dylan practices several hours a day and hopes to go to The Juilliard School, Berklee College of Music or the University of North Texas.