Man claims gun went off in tussle with girlfriend, killing her

HOUSTON – The man accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend and leaving their baby alone appeared in court early Saturday morning.

Jasper Davis is facing murder charges. 

It was read aloud in court that the Houston Police Department interviewed Davis. He told police that he and 24-year-old Jennifer Nicole Mamo went to a bar the night before and got into an argument because she thought he was flirting with other girls at the bar, the prosecutor said as he read court documents. 

David police that they left the bar and returned to the residence where they continued to argue, the prosecutor read. 

Mamo retrieved Davis' gun from the dresser in the bedroom and Davis tried to get the gun away from her by grabbing her arm and the gun went off, the prosecutor read.

Davis told police he called his friend to come over and help. When the friend saw Mamo's body in the truck, he said he could not help Davis, the prosecutor read.

Davis is said to have told police he put Mamo's body in the trunk before his friend got to the house and left Mamo's body at the bayou, the prosecutor read. She suffered a gunshot wound to the face, the prosecutor said as he read court documents.

The judge determined there is probable cause in the case. Davis' bond is set at $100,000.