Man out of job, stuck with mounting medical bills after being hit by vehicle near bus stop

Reicedo Concepcion, 53, one of three people struck by vehicle

SAN ANTONIO – A man struck by a vehicle while waiting for the bus is now out of the hospital to face the reality of mounting medical bills and the fact that he was left jobless.

Reicedo Concepcion, 53, was one of three people struck by an out-of-control vehicle near the intersection of Culebra Road and Zarzamora Street a week ago.

“I only remember the white car, old car. One guy said, ‘Hey, be careful. Be careful.’ But it was too fast,” Concepcion said.

He woke up in the hospital with stitches and five broken ribs.

“Now I can’t take air,” he said, explaining how it’s hard for him to breath now.

What’s harder is realizing he’s out of a job. Doctors said Concepcion needs about six to eight weeks before going back to doing hard labor. His boss told him he can’t hold his job for that long.

“Now, I don’t have a job. I don’t have money. I don’t have nothing. Life is crazy. I am a good person, a good guy,” Concepcion said.

Concepcion is frustrated with the pain, and is angry that police have informed him that the driver did not have insurance.

Concepcion doesn’t have insurance and just had enough to live and send money to his wife and two children in Mexico. The Cuban immigrant is in the country legally and lives alone in San Antonio.

He was on his way to pick up his wife, who was arriving for a visit, when he decided to take a bus route he seldom takes. A decision he now says he regrets.

Concepcion hopes to be able to return to work as soon as he feels better. He has experience working with horses, tow truck driving and working in the kitchen. He hopes someone can offer him a job.

KSAT connected him with community resources that might be able to provide him with assistance.

Police have not named the driver of the vehicle, and the crash is still under investigation.

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