How to report a pothole on city and county roads and major highways

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SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio has seen 14.4 inches of rain since September, making it the second-wettest September on record. 

With all this rain in such a short time, one particular problem (aside from the mosquitoes and mold) has reared its ugly head: potholes.

But first, what exactly are potholes and how do they form?

Potholes are formed by fatigue — or cracking — of the road surface. According to TxDOT San Antonio, “as fatigue fractures develop into what is known as alligator cracking, chunks of pavement between the alligator cracks are worked loose and eventually picked out of the surface by continued traffic loads.”

All the rain water seeps into those cracks, eroding the soil underneath, creating even weaker asphalt and more cracking.

So how can you report a pothole in your neighborhood or on your commute?

City of San Antonio

The city defines a potholes as a “collapsed areas within the roadway that do not exceed 3 feet by 3 feet.” Areas of collapsed pavement that exceed this size are not considered a pothole, but instead are in need of a base and pavement repair.

Residents are encouraged to report potholes to 311 in one of the following four ways:

You can also call 210-207-6000 — the Call Center is available Monday-Friday from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. and Saturday-Sunday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

More information from is available HERE

Bexar County

The Public Works Division of the Infrastructure Services Department is responsible for maintenance of all county-maintained streets and roads. This includes streets and roads that are:

  • Outside the incorporated limits of any cities or towns in Bexar County
  • Not maintained by the State of Texas (Federal and State highways, Farm to Market roads, and Interstate highways)
  • Not privately owned (in gated communities or other roads not accepted for maintenance by Bexar County)

Call 210-335-6700 with a specific location and a work order will be generated or take advantage of one of our many ways to submit a request electronically via the YourGOV request/reporting tool

Texas Department of Transportation

Fill out this form to report potholes on TxDOT-managed roads, such as:

  • I-37
  • I-35
  • I-410
  • I-10
  • Loop 1604
  • US 281
  • US 90
  • US 87 (Rigsby Road)
  • SH 151
  • SH 16 (Bandera Road)

And if none of those work...

You can just call Domino’s.