Man finds mold in his child's Capri Sun, viral video shows mold-like substance

Capri Sun has acknowledged this can occur, though it's rare

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COLUMBUS, Indiana – Cameron Hardwick is warning people about Capri Sun after finding what looks like mold in his 3-year-old's drink pouch.

Hardwick posted a video and several pictures to Facebook on Sept. 24 showing a strawberry kiwi flavored Capri Sun that appeared to be low in content but there were no visible holes in the drink pouch.

"I shake it up some, only to find an unknown substance floating around in the package. To say we are irate would be an understatement... we don't give these to our children often but will NEVER again,” Hardwick wrote as part of his Facebook post.

Capri Sun’s FAQ page reveals the company is aware is of this problem but says that the naturally occurring food mold is rare.

"We care deeply about this issue and about the well-being of our moms, dads and kids. That's why we have invested millions of dollars in our packaging, quality and manufacturing processes to make our pouches even stronger and more resistant to air leaks. We recommend that parents gently squeeze each pouch to check for leaks before serving Capri Sun to their kids. Any leaky or punctured pouches should be discarded,” the website says.

Hardwick’s post has been shared more than 85,000 times. Watch below:

**Public Service Announcement!** Friends & family please read & share! So tonight after dinner our oldest asked for some...

Posted by Cameron Hardwick on Monday, September 24, 2018

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