Easter campers share the meaning of Easter with others


SAN ANTONIO – For the Easter holiday, several families in Woodlawn Lake Park gathered to enjoy fun, food, festivities and their feelings about the true meaning of Easter.

Many families said they camp out as a tradition.

“We started Friday in the afternoon and, luckily, we got this spot and here we are now,” said Pete Hernandez, a camper. “We want to try to keep this going.”

“We are from here but we are coming from out of town every year for this,” said Hector Garcia, a camper. “It is very special and amazing to have all of us together like this.”

Many campers began preparing their food for Easter. For most families, the menu was beef fajitas, or sausage or pork ribs. They said they enjoyed the family aspect of the holiday.

“It is a time and place to come together to have fun and make memories,” said Jose Graciano, a camper.

Most campers said that the holiday is also more than just fun and Easter egg games.

“Easter for us is just a reminder of how deep God’s love is for us,” said Aniela Lopez, a missionary.

“The bottom line is Jesus, the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ,” said Dan Guenduley, a camper. “He died and rose again, as he promised. He gives us hope and joy. It is all about Jesus.”

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