463-pound gator found wandering on Florida highway

Monster gator hit by truck, only made it mad

Vaughan Gators, LLC
Vaughan Gators, LLC

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – A 463-pound alligator was trapped after it wandered onto Interstate 10 in Florida earlier this month.

The monster gator survived being hit by a semitruck on June 3, an accident that appeared to only have made the 12-foot reptile angry, according to News4Jax.

Vaughan Gators successfully trapped the animal after the highway was temporarily shut down in order to remove the alligator.

Unfortunately, the injuries the alligator suffered in the accident were more severe than originally thought, and it had to be put down.

The alligator's skull had been partially crushed during the accident, making it hard for the animal to breathe.

“He wasn’t happy we were trying to remove him,” Vaughan Gators owner Broderick Vaughan said.

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