Couple celebrates 62nd anniversary at Whataburger

LUBBOCK, Texas – A Texas couple celebrated their 62nd anniversary at a place they say is as loyal to them as they are to each other: Whataburger.

BJ and Danny Morman told KCBD-TV in Lubbock, Texas, they visit the fast food chain twice a day. So it was only right that employees at their favorite Whataburger have a hand in their special day. 

The couple sat at a table adorned with orange flowers, a framed photo of the pair, No. 62 table tents and a Whataburger tablecloth. Employees at the restaurant brought out an orange cake, which read "happy anniversary."

"This is the ultimate treatment you get as a customer but I like to think of it as friendship," BJ Morman told KCBD-TV.

The love is mutual.

"It makes me so happy that I get to come here and see their happy little faces," Brooklyn, an employee at the Whataburger, told KCBD-TV.

The Mormans credit the longevity of their relationship to their commitment to one another.

"You agreed to do something, and you keep your word, and marriage is just like that," BJ Morman said to the TV station.

Danny Morman reasoned, "Well, he's always been there for me."