Neighbor, family stunned after grandmother killed in 'freak accident'

Kathleen Ann Deaver, 69, died after being run over by her truck Sunday morning

SAN ANTONIO – Two loud booms on what had been a quiet Sunday morning are what alerted Phillip Barrientos that something had just happened.

Barrientos said he came outside to see his neighbor’s driverless pickup truck had rear-ended his wife's Honda vehicle in their driveway, pushing it into the garage door.

He said he then saw his longtime neighbor, Kathleen Ann Deaver, 69, suffering from major trauma to her head.

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"I saw her on the street and her son attending her. So, I ran over to see what I can do," Barrientos said.

Deaver was rushed to University Hospital, where she later died.

San Antonio police said Deaver had accidentally left her truck idling in reverse and when she got out, thinking she had parked it in her driveway, her foot got caught in the door.

Deaver's truck dragged her into the street, ran over her and then kept backing up into Barrientos' vehicle in his driveway.

"The car damage is nothing. It's nothing. It’s material,” Barrientos said.

Deaver's family members said they were too overcome to talk about the tragedy, and Barrientos said he is still stunned by what happened.

"It was a freak accident, absolutely," Barrientos said. "She wasn’t just a neighbor. She was more than a neighbor. She was a friend and I loved her."  

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