Massive alligator cannibalizes 6-foot alligator in viral video


Generic image of an alligator.
Generic image of an alligator. (Pixabay)

MURRELLS INLET, S.C. – A massive alligator is going viral this week for snacking on a smaller, 6-foot alligator in South Carolina.

Taylor Soper posted a series of videos to Twitter showing the gargantuan reptile cannibalizing the smaller gator.

Soper said his father is the one who actually shot the videos in his backyard near Murrells Inlet, along the northern coast of South Carolina.

The feast went down on Sept. 30, according to Soper, who also posted a video of the smaller gator putting up a struggle before it was eventually eaten.

Texas Parks and Wildlife officials say that American alligators are carnivorous and will eat anything they can catch - including other alligators.


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