It’s that time of year again: Car burglars are eyeing you as you shop

Tips to protect your holiday gifts

SAN ANTONIO – During the holiday season, more people will be making trips to the stores, which means car burglaries will also increase.

Christina Crosby knows all too well how a day of shopping can quickly turn into a nightmare.

“You think that everyone is trying to do a good thing, but they’re not,” Crosby said.

She said she had gone shopping at La Cantera and chose to store some of her new items in the back of her truck so she could continue shopping.

When she returned, her truck door was open and her items were gone. Her car had been burglarized.

“The minute you take off, that’s an opportunity for them to take your items,” Crosby said.

San Antonio police are warning shoppers not to make the same mistake, especially during busy times such as the holidays.

“It’s so much better just to go about. Do your shopping. Carry your bags with you, and then when you return to your vehicle, return home and get rid of those items at home," said Sgt. Michelle Ramos, with the San Antonio Police Department.

Crime statistics from last year reveal the number of car break-ins at four popular shopping locations between Black Friday and Christmas Day:

  • La Cantera - 118
  • The Rim - 92
  • North Star Mall - 188
  • The Quarry - 214

Ramos said shoppers should park in well-lit areas, lock their cars, store valuables out of sight and be vigilant of their surroundings.

Crosby said she will stay on high alert every time she goes to the mall. She warns others not to make the same mistake as she did.

“Somebody is watching 'cause they know your routines," she said.