Texas A&M University student tests negative for coronavirus

Possible threat posed low risk to students, community, the university says


SAN ANTONIO – The results are in - a Texas A&M University student tested negative for having the novel coronavirus, the university says.

The results were announced Sunday by the university and the Brazos County Health District. The student was tested for the virus just last week.

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“We are very pleased with this news and grateful to those community caregivers involved for their expertise, proactive action and compassion demonstrated in treating our student,” said Dr. Martha Dannenbaum, director of A&M’s Student Health Services, in a press release. “We wish to thank the Brazos County Health District, which offered guidance and transparency throughout this case.”

The BCHD says the student met the CDC criteria for the coronavirus after being treated at a local hospital.

School officials say there was a low risk to students and the community at the time of the test.

Texas A&M says the student in question is a graduate student.

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