Homeless Strategic Plan taking shape

Final public forums on Monday, Tuesday nights

San Antonio – The city’s Homeless Strategic Plan is beginning to take shape as the contractor hired by the city nears a pivotal phase in the process.

Since arriving in November, the three-member team from Homebase, a California-based nonprofit, has been gathering information to help develop an overarching plan for the next five to 10 years. Homebase deputy director Patrick Wigmore says that has consisted of looking at data and conducting numerous interviews and meetings.

“Part of that is the community meetings that we’re hosting this week, but then also meeting with providers, state hospitals, criminal justice, all of the different intersections that this population meets with,” Wigmore said.

Volunteers come together to count San Antonio’s homeless population

The community meetings on Monday and Tuesday night will mark the end of most of Homebase’s information gathering as Wigmore and his team begin preparing their recommendations, which they will present to the City Council in early April.

Wigmore said themes emerged in their research, including the idea of better coordination between services.

“So ideas for how to institutionalize a lot of the relationships and build in warm hands-off (sic) for individuals as they move through the system so that we can have good outcomes,” he said.

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