How to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the holidays

Experts say there should be an added focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle

With the holiday season upon us, experts say there should be an added focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Beth Frates with Harvard’s Medical School gives her advice on how we can keep ourselves healthy.

First, do not pause your workouts. Dr. Frates said exercise routines are usually the first things to go as we feel more stress.

However, she says it is what not to do. Dr. Frates said if anyone feels the urge to stop, try a new activity instead. People are generally more interested in exercising when they feel stimulated. Dr. Frates said its also not a bad idea to ask for exercise-themed gifts as well, especially if you are looking to keep up with your healthy habits.

Dr. Frates also says it is a good idea to track your habits. That means writing down what you eat and drink and how often you exercise. This log can help you recognize when your habits are starting to slip. And speaking of eating and drinking, she said we should all go in with moderation in mind. Setting limits will allow us decide our own fate on indulging in holiday meals.

Dr. Frates said to change your mentality going into the holiday season. Instead of just filling your belly with food, look to fill your heart with love. The holidays provide a good opportunity to build connections with friends and family.

And finally, if you do go off track during the holiday season, don’t shame yourself; just use it as an opportunity to grow and set a new goal.

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