Nearly 2,000 residents have vaccination appointment delayed after shipment delay

Appointments at Alamodome pushed back two days

SAN ANTONIO – A shipment of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines will arrive late, according to city officials who were informed of the delay on Sunday.

Appointments at the Alamodome were pushed back two days in order to accommodate the expected delivery date.

According to San Antonio Metro Health, staff members either emailed or texted everyone with an appointment about the rescheduling. However, some people who showed up to the Alamodome, like Roger Moreno, say told KSAT they did not get a message.

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“I mean, I’m OK about it, you know, as long as I get it,” Moreno said. “I mean, I’ve got my barcode and everything ready, so I...Well, I have to wait, I have to wait.”

University Health, which uses the Pfizer vaccine said it was still able to administer the vaccine to all of its appointments today at the Wonderland of the Americas Location.

As of right now, hospital officials say they do not believe they will have to reschedule any future appointments.

Additionally, two other mass vaccination sites, run by WellMed, use the Moderna vaccine and say they were able to continue to administer the vaccine uninterrupted.

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