SA family raises money for mother, daughter’s funeral arrangements

The family was on their way to celebrate great grandmother’s birthday when the fatal crash happened

SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio family is asking for prayers and support as they recover from losing a mother and daughter in a head-on crash this past weekend.

San Antonio police said Amanda Vega, 32, was driving 14-year-old Julissa Bocanegra, her daughter, along Fischer Road when she veered into the opposite lane, crashing into a truck.

Two passengers in the truck were taken to the hospital.

Sadly, Vega and her daughter died at the scene. They were on their way to a birthday get-together for a relative.

“It is hard to believe and to sink in because we just saw her earlier that day,” said Jessica Vega, Amanda Vega’s sister-in-law. “So it is tough. I have to find it in myself to stay strong for my husband and his family, so that way they can break down. I just have to stay strong. (Amanda) would if it were the other way around.”

Jessica Vega said her sister-in-law was all about family.

“When (Amanda’s) mother died, she was the one that kept everyone together,” Jessica Vega said. “She was the only girl out of four, so she would be the one planning all of the holidays and family traditions.”

She said Amanda Vega also loved her children.

“She showed them tough love,” said Jessica Vega. “She made sure when they came to a family gathering, they had manners. She also had a soft spot for when they were sick or needed anything. She did any and everything for her children.”

That wisdom carried on to Julissa Bocanegra as she grew up.

“(Julissa) was like a second mother to her three other siblings,” Jessica Vega said. “She was the oldest, so she would take care of them whenever Amanda had to go to work or run errands. She did that well, so she was excited about being a mom one day. Julissa was a little shy and quiet, but once you got her out of her shell, she would talk so fast and would get so excited.”

This is not the first time this family is dealing with a loss due to a car crash.

In 2019, Amanda Vega lost her husband and the father of her children, Roger Bocanegra, in a hit-and-run.

“They took that really hard and was still hurting from that because it is still fresh,” Jessica Vega said.

Now the family is working to take care of the children left behind.

They are raising money to afford funeral expenses and to pay for the futures of Amanda Vega’s children.

If you would like to help, you can contact the family at 210-912-3556.

The family is also hosting a plate sale Saturday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., at the O’Reilly Auto Parts on Potranco Road.

“From one minute to the next, things can literally change in an instant, so if there is anything you can take from this is to stay together,” Jessica Vega said.

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