Comal ISD giving parents and teachers the option to wear masks at school

Board of trustees president urges parents to consider other safety protocols followed during the year

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas – Comal Independent School District announced on Tuesday that it would leave the choice to wear masks in the hands of parents and teachers.

District officials say the district’s success in the nearly year-long struggle with the coronavirus can be directly attributed to its COVID-19 health and safety protocols: daily health screening, social distancing, good hygiene practices and face coverings.

However, the district’s board of trustees amended the health and safety guidelines to allow parents and teachers a choice regarding facial coverings, beginning on March 10.

“While the choice to wear a face mask is now up to you, please note that quarantine protocols will still be in effect,” said David Drastata, president of Comal ISD’s board of trustees. “As such, we strongly recommend the continued use of face coverings to protect our teachers and staff, and your child’s opportunity to participate in spring sports, fine arts, prom and potentially graduation.”

Additionally, Drastata said in a letter to Comal ISD families that “individuals who are properly masked will not be considered a close contact with lab-confirmed positive cases and will not be required to quarantine.”

According to Drastata, face shields and neck gaiters “do not eliminate an individual from being considered a close contact.”

Drastata said that while many families may have already made a decision regarding masks, he urged them to consider the health and safety protocols that were being followed all year.

“By choosing to have your child wear a mask, you are doing your part to keep our schools open for the next 10 weeks and provide our students the educational opportunities they deserve,” Drastata said.

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