Harlandale Clinic opens its doors in historical South Side building

The clinic was opened by Dr. Melhem Dandan

Harlandale Clinic. (Live from the Southside)

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Harlandale Clinic has opened its doors in the Harlandale Building, and it is ready to serve. This building was developed in 1918, according to historic reviews. It included several residential dwellings and the San Jose waiting station, which was a transportation waiting facility. The clinic’s address is 354 East Southcross Blvd, Suite 100.

By the mid-1920s the building’s first floor was occupied by commercial businesses and the second floor with residential apartments. Generations lived and worked in the historical building. Many businesses have come and gone since, including title companies, nightclubs, tire repair shops, sewing machine companies, chiropractors, and paint and wallpaper stores.

Prior to the medical office’s arrival, the space was empty for a couple of years. Prior to that, it was a bingo hall for seniors, an insurance company and a tire shop. The building has a long business history of 100 years and still going.

This medical practice will be part of the legacy of this historic building. This area is designated as a historical area of San Antonio; vibrant, busy, and active with businesses of both blue and white colors.

The clinic was opened because Dr. Melhem Dandan, MD, sensed the need for medical services in the area.

Pictured: Al Arreola, CEO of South Texas Business Partnership & Dr. Melhem Dandan, MD (Live from the Southside)

With the help of Texas Vista Medical Center, which is the closest major hospital to this site (located to the southwest of the area), the clinic is able to open doors and see patients of all needs and all ages.

Dandan has a board certification in obstetrics-gynecology and family medicine. He’s joined forces with Mr. Eric Hettler, a certified physician assistant who has 10 years’ worth of experience in treating patients on the South Side of San Antonio.

“We started seeing patients the very first week since we opened, which speaks to the need for medical care in this area. We saw a full spectrum of medical problems, chronic diseases, acute illnesses, family planning, geriatrics,” Danden said. “We perform minor procedures in the office, including aesthetics. We are certified to insert bioidentical hormones for those proper candidates. We practice with the confidence that we have a backup of great specialists at the steward medical group when we need them, along with many other specialists and friends in the medical community, and knowing that we are surrounded by multiple major hospitals in downtown and southwest and southeast of us, all within 10 minutes reach.”

“Our staff are great, I personally can not ask for any better. They are friendly, knowledgeable and energetic. Patients love them, and they know them by name. We are looking to be a part of this town, we are looking to give back to the community that received us and supported us for years at our beginnings, and we will make every effort to live up to the expectations and deliver excellent medical service and superior care to whoever enters our doors.”

For more information, visit www.Harlandaleclinic.com, call 210-880-1196 or email harlandaleclinic@yahoo.com.

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