Schertz K-9 Medor heading to retirement after battle over service future

Schertz City Council will make an official decision on Medor during its October meeting

SCHERTZ, Texas – Months after battling over the future of Schertz Police Department K-9 Medor in public and private settings, a decision has been made to return the four-legged officer to his previous handler.

According to a social media post by former SPD Lt. Jason Hanley, Medor is being medically retired after showing signs of injury while attending handler training with his newly appointed partner.

Hanley wrote that 8-year-old Medor “was diagnosed by the veterinarian that (he) has IVDD and the starting of what is basically canine cataracts.”

Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine defines IVDD or intervertebral disc disease as a “common source of back pain in dogs, especially in older dogs but also in younger dogs of predisposed breeds. The severity and type of disc injury can vary widely, ranging from mild discomfort to paralysis.”

Last month, KSAT Investigates interviewed Schertz Police Chief Jim Lowery about Medor’s future following social media outcry about the K-9 being separated from his partner of six years.

In that interview, Lowery said, “We believe at a minimum of two and up to four more years, and that’s been verified by the current vet.”

Hanley’s social media post writes Chief Lowery called following that vet appointment to say Medor would be medically retired from service and asked Hanley if he’d like to take ownership of his former partner.

When reached for an update on this story today, Lowery said he was out of town and would need to call back later.

“The goal was to Free Medor and have him retire and now he can do so with his family and I. For the friends, family, and colleagues that supported me and this cause, I am incredibly grateful and I thank you immensely,” Hanley wrote when asked for comment on this latest development.

The next step in this saga is for the Schertz City Council to sign off on the paperwork to officially retire Medor and let him live out his retirement with Hanley and his family.


Chief Lowery called Tuesday to say that Schertz PD intends to get a new K9 officer.

He has tasked their newly appointed K9 handler to re-evaluate their policy and procedures and identify a new dog for purchase. He gave a timeline of 30-45 days and no more than 60 days.

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