Theaters warn moviegoers new 'Incredibles 2' movie could cause migraines, seizures

Scenes with flashing lights could cause rare side effects

By Julie Moreno - Executive Producer/Social Media

If you were one of the many people who watched the new "Incredibles 2" movie in theaters over the weekend, you may have seen the warning that theaters posted about a flashing light sequence in the film.

The movie, which had the best opening weekend of an animated film ever, has scenes with flashing lights. Some moviegoers with photosensitivities have complained that the lights could trigger vertigo, migraines or even epileptic seizures.

Blogger/Twitter user Veronica Lewis is credited for spreading the word. Her tweet on Friday about the issue was shared more than 10,000 times.

Lewis said she wasn't calling for a boycott or demanding that the movie be changed.

"It is very well done, and the strobe lights are an important point in the plot. I just wish Disney/Pixar and theaters alike would issue a warning that the movie contains several scenes with strobe lights," Lewis tweeted.

There are a wide spectrum of responses to her online campaign. Some said she was being overly sensitive while others thanked her for the warning. A few people even said they or their children suffered an incident during the movie.

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