The Dr. Is In: Playing a team sport off the court

SAN ANTONIO – Dr. W. Brian Reeves, with UT Health San Antonio, plays solo on the tennis court, but as part of a team in the medical field.

“Medicine, even more now than it was 10 or 20 years ago, is definitely a team sport,” Reeves said.

Reeves trains and mentors younger members of the department, providing them with the skills to work efficiently as a team.

“In our medical training, now we stress … interprofessional education so that they learn how to operate in these kinds of high-performing teams,” Reeves said. 

For Reeves, working at UT Health San Antonio is not much different than being on the tennis court.

“I like to liken it to tennis, to use an analogy of the grand slam, where you have four major tournaments during the year,” Reeves said. “The four pillars of UT Health San Antonio are research, education, clinical care and community engagement. When we do all those things extraordinarily, well, then it works for everybody.”

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