5 Ways to make your living space feel larger

Brandi Sutherland, design expert, encourages neutral colors for your ‘Happy Space’

Local interior design expert shares 5 easy ways to make any room feel larger

SAN ANTONIO – Does a room in your house or apartment feel small and tight? Local interior design expert, Brandi Sutherland, shares 5 ways to make any room feel more open and inviting.

While having a smaller space does have its perks--less to clean, easier to maintain, the challenge could be decorating.

Here are 5 ways to make any room feel bigger:


For Sutherland, her eye for design came early. “My mom would tell you I always had an opinion about my space,” says Sutherland. “Luckily, she really let me go with it. In high school she let me tear all the carpet in my room...redesign it and ever since then it’s been a passion of mine”.

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