RECIPE: Spooky Cocktails

Some spook-tacular drinks for a spook-tacular Halloween!

By Sabrina Evans, Darryl Sherrod - SA Live Intern

SAN ANTONIO - Dulce Vida

On Halloween, the kids get all the candy – the adults get all the drinks. In honor of the holiday, Milestone Brands Marketing Manager Kristen Ortiz came up with a couple boot-tiful Dulce Vida tequila beverages for adults to enjoy – and with Alamo City Comic Con in town, her guest bartender was none other than Flash Gordon himself, actor Sam Jones. 


The Perfect Paloma



Start off with your Dulce Vide tequila in your cup filled with ice

Add a splash of lime juice

Pour in enough mineral water to almost fill the cup 

Optionally add 3 oz of lemon/lime soda

Wrap lychee around a black cherry to make an "eyeball" and add it into the cocktail

Stir all the ingredients together

Add grapefruit, sip and enjoy! 


Black Magic Margarita



Start off with Blanco Tequila in a shaker full of ice

Add Naranja Orange Liquor 

Splah 1/2 oz of lime juice


Add activated charcoal (1 capsule) 

Strain it into martini glass

Add black sugar on the rim for a spooktacular black cocktail! 


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