Spurs' Gasol: 'Refuse to accept country I love can't do better to protect our children'

Pau Gasol shares thoughts on Twitter after Florida school shooting

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

SAN ANTONIO – The Florida high school shooting that claimed the lives of 17 people on Wednesday has led to an outpouring of emotions and reactions from people across the country and those in San Antonio, who faced a similar tragedy last November with the Sutherland Springs church shooting.

Spurs center Pau Gasol shared his thoughts Thursday on Twitter:

“Yet another school shooting, another heartbroken community, more innocent children killed and their families left to mourn them. I refuse to accept that this country I love can't do better to protect our children from such atrocities #ParklandShooting”  

Gasol’s sentiments have been echoed throughout the nation as it comes to grips with another school-related shooting.

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Gasol works closely with children from the United States and from his native Spain.

He is an activist for children’s health and wellness and, through the Gasol Foundation, has worked to reduce childhood obesity rates. 

Gasol is often outspoken when it comes to social justice issues related to children.

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He has been recognized by the NBA for his charitable efforts working with kids in the community.

It’s no surprise Gasol would be deeply affected by Wednesday’s events. In the wake of the Sutherland Springs shooting, Gasol told ESPN.com:

"To me, it's gotten out of control. In this situation, the laws, the gun regulations, they need to be addressed. It's anywhere: concerts, schools, churches, kids. This is devastating, but it's a reality. It needs to be addressed. I'm unaware of how and the powers behind all the gun laws and the gun organizations in this country," Gasol told ESPN’s Michael C. Wright. "But you need to protect the innocent. At what point do we say, 'Enough'? I don't know. I know it's a delicate subject. But I hate for innocent people to get killed and for families to pay that price and carry that burden for the rest of their lives -- and the pain. It's just sad, just really sad," he said.

The names of some of the victims were publicly released on Thursday. They include students, teachers and coaches.



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