TRAFFIC: Right turning lane to be closed from Hausman Road to Bandera Road starting Monday

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SAN ANTONIO – A warning for drivers who use Hausman Road near Bandera Road in the northwest part of Bexar County: A monthlong lane closure is expected to have a major traffic impact during rush hour.

Hernan Rozemberg, with the Texas Department of Transportation, said the right turning lane from Hausman Road to Bandera will be shut down so that utility work can be completed as part of a larger road expansion project.

Currently, construction is already underway between Loop 1604 and Bandera Road.

The road is narrow, and there are few alternatives for drivers to get around. Signs have been posted for a few weeks, warning of the closure.

“If your usual route is to make a right on Bandera Road, you might have to loop around to (Loop) 1604,” Rozemberg said. “People are still going to be able to turn right, but it’s going to be from the regular lane.”

Marlo Ondrej uses the road to get to the post office multiple times a day.

“When there’s not construction, it’s pretty flowing, but as soon as there is construction, it will take 45 minutes to get from (Loop) 1604 to Bandera,” she said.

The project started last fall and is part of a $17 million expansion plan to turn Hausman Road, from Loop 1604 to Bandera Road, into a four-lane road with pedestrian and bicycle path access. It’s slated to be completed in 2022.

“It’s definitely an inconvenience for a month, but if the payout is worth it, I guess we all have to bear it,” said Ondrej.

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