Residents at flooded Katy apartment complex allowed to return to gather some belongings

Only way in, out is with water vessel

KATY, Texas – Residents who live at a Katy apartment complex were able to return home Friday with the help of the National Guard.

The residents were allowed to gather a few personal belongings, but they were not allowed to stay. Many of the apartments are still underwater, and authorities are worried about the condition of the water and the health hazard it poses for people forced to wade through it.

The Aldeia West Apartment complex has been underwater for days now. The only way in or out is with a boat or kayak.

“Each person returning to their apartment was escorted by a state trooper or national guardsman for safety reasons,” resident Josh Lee said.

Lee has helped rescue neighbors and has offered comfort to others during the devastating days.

“As far as the people, everyone has come together. I've made friends with people that I've lived alongside and never spoke to, and now you're in a situation together,” he said.

Lee was able to gather some of his own essentials, but he was not allowed to stay inside his place for too long.

“The water has dramatically changed color. It's like a yellow-brown murky color and the smell is unbelievable,” he said. “The feeling of the water, it goes warm patches, cold patches. We were told there’s chemicals in there, so go at your own risk.”

Lee is staying with relatives. He’s worried the apartments are beyond repair and he may not be able to go back home. Until the crisis is over, he has no idea where he will live next.