Students create Little Free Library to celebrate librarian's life

Rolling Meadows Elementary honors Dawn Mulder

SAN ANTONIO – A group of students from Rolling Meadows Elementary School built and painted a little library at the Selma Stage Park in memory of librarian Dawn Mulder. 

"We were really excited because we wanted to do something for Ms. Mulder," Isabella Garza, a student, said. 

A Little Free Library is a free book exchange and created by a nonprofit organization that inspires a love of reading and building communities. 

"She loved reading, she wanted to share the love of reading with students," Cathy Whitlock, a teacher, said.

Mulder, who died last fall, made a big impact in students' lives. 

"She showed us her favorite books, and sometimes I like to check out those books just to remember her," Marion Harris, a student said. 

Brilyn Bridges, a student, said she's glad her school honored Mulder with the library.

"I feel sad, but I feel glad that people are bringing books," she said. "And when you look at bookmarks, a lot of people are writing down their views. Other people just walking in the park are checking out books and giving books."

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