Barbacoa pho, mango chamoy bubble tea are some of the Asian fusion options at SA restaurant

Flavor Favs: Suck It The Restaurant

By Erica Hernandez - Digital Journalist

SAN ANTONIO - What do you get when you combine some of San Antonio's favorite food items with an Asian twist?

You get "Suck It The Restaurant."

Located at 7220 Louis Pasteur Dr., this place has evolved the past couple of years.

It was first a hookah and bubble tea lounge, but owner Ving Hoang eventually expanded it into a restaurant.

"There's definitely nothing traditional about this place," Hoang said.

On the menu you will find different style of Asian dishes that Hoang puts a San Antonio twist on, like barbacoa pho.

"The way I came up with that is traditional pho is beef based and of course barbacoa is also beef, so we tried the two together and it just worked out," Hoang said.

Another item with a twist is the mango chamoy bubble tea, which goes on sale this weekend.

Hoang says he is influenced by places he grew up around on San Antonio's west side.

Suck It The Restaurant is open Monday through Saturday.

Erica's Take:

What a great little gem in the medical center area. While the menu items may seem unusual don't be afraid to try. If you try this restaurant go with an open mind, I promise it's worth it. Don't worry there are traditional items on the menu as well, if you aren't up to trying barbacoa pho. The mango chamoy bubble tea was amazing and will be a popular option this summer."

Rated 4.5 out 5

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