KSAT Money Q&A: Personal finance creator shares tips for those struggling with debt

Vee Weir joins digital journalist Ivan Herrera to discuss money strategies


If you’re struggling with debt, whether it be student loans or credit card debt, getting your personal finances in order can seem like a daunting task.

Vee Weir, a content creator who manages the personal finance brand Vee Frugal Fox, joined the KSAT Money Q&A to share effective tips to help improve your finances.

In the latest KSAT Money Q&A, Vee discusses emergency savings, side hustles, expense tracking and other strategies to help consumers get on the right path.

Watch the latest video in the player above.

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About the Author:

Ivan Herrera has worked as a journalist in San Antonio since 2016. His work for KSAT 12 and KSAT.com includes covering breaking news of the day, as well as producing Q&As and content for the "South Texas Pride" and "KSAT Money" series.