Northside ISD students surprised by state-mandated summer school

District surprised by new summer school guidelines


SAN ANTONIO – Thousands of students in the Northside district went back to the classroom on Wednesday to get ready to retake the STAAR test.

Many of the students who started Accelerated Instruction on Wednesday, weren't planning to spend their summer in school.

"I went to go pick up my scores from the counselors, and I just saw that I had failed the one," Addison Babin, who just completed her freshman year at Stevens High School, said.

That was just a couple weeks ago.

"The last day of school I got my scores," Maryssa Flores said.

She failed the writing portion of the STAAR test.

"I thought that that was the easiest one that I had, but I guess not," she said.

The students aren't the only ones who got this last-minutes surprise.

Usually, Northside holds one district-wide summer school at just one high school.

Six weeks ago, they found out they'd be required to hold Accelerated Instruction at 12 schools for all the freshmen who failed the STAAR test.

So far, at least 2,100 students have signed up, and the school district has to pay for it.

Northside says the $750,000 budget is an unexpected expense, and even though the state-mandated the program, it didn't fund it.

Since the district didn't know how many teachers they'd need until scores came out, they were still hiring for this unexpected summer school until Tuesday.