SA B-Cycle program going hi-tech

Riders can count calories, help environment


SAN ANTONIO – The downtown B-Cycle program is rolling right along, adding 16 new bike stations and hundreds of bikes.

They will continue to grow since the City Council approved an influx of $1 million.

"I thought it was a great concept because you can ride all over town and when you dock the bike, you're no longer responsible for it," said Paul Young, a local rider.

While the program expands, tourists and local riders are finding more than just a ride around downtown -- they can get some interesting information about their ride.

There is a computer chip located on the bike that collects information about the ride. It will calculate miles ridden, calories burned, carbon offset, and money saved from riding instead of driving.

"It's a pretty progressive initiative," said Daniel Trevino, operations manager for B-Cycle.

Since the program began in March 2011, visitors and locals have ridden more than a quarter of a million miles, burned over 11 million calories and posted a carbon offset of 25,000.

Riders can become members of the program, and the system will track the numbers with every ride.

Young has ridden over 4,000 miles since the program started.

"I do it mostly for fun and exercise," Young said.

"San Antonio is becoming healthy. San Antonio is going out there. San Antonio is having fun," Trevino said.

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