Defendant's girlfriend gives two accounts of raid and shooting

Rebecca Flores told detective that the Perryman knew break-in was police raid


When a narcotics team task force broke down the door and burst into Adrian Perryman's home, he knew it was a police raid and not intruders.

That is what Perryman's girlfriend Rebecca Flores told police Det. Diana Tritley on the night of the raid.

Perryman shot and wounded one of the officers who raided his home as part of a narcotics investigation. He is on trial facing aggravated assault of a peace officer charges.

"When we were still outside she said that she could see us and so could he," Tritley said. "She even showed it to him on the screen."

But in her testimony last week, Flores said that Perryman had installed video cameras at his home several months before the Oct. 26, 2010 raid and that they feared it was a home invasion.

"When I woke him up I handed him the gun and I told him, ‘they're here again to break into the  house'", Flores said.

Tritley was the state's final witness in the guilt innocence phase of Perryman's trial.

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