9-year-old in SA for cross-country charity bike ride

C.J. Burford raising money in the fight against cancer

SAN ANTONIO – Four years and many charitable rides later, a young boy is taking his charity work to another level. 

C.J. Burford is riding his bike across the country to raise money for the National Children's Cancer Society.

His goal is to average a distance of 40 miles a day and raise $100,000 for the NCCS.

Burford isn't your typical 9-year-old. He is gearing up and ready to kick cancer in the butt by riding his bike across the country.

"I saw what happens when you go through cancer and go through the chemo, it's a big financial burden," said  C.J. Burford.

He began his ride Sept. 1 in Oceanside, California, and he will end in St. Augustine, Florida. This weekend he rode into the Alamo City. 

His sister, Kenadi Burford, said this mission came to him after he saw his grandmother survive throat cancer.

"It really impacted his life because he was 5 years old when she was diagnosed. So when she had all her chemotherapy, he still remembers it," said Kenadi Burford. 

"I know you can't totally do away with cancer, but I wanted to help it I wanted to do something about it," said C.J. Burford.

He has already completed 1,300 miles of the trip and raised $15,000. 

"You're never too young or too old to do anything, you can always help somebody else," said C.J. Burford.

For real-time updates, photos and more information on how to partner with C.J. on this journey, visit his Facebook page.