Shoppers flock to stores to return holiday gifts

Short lines were a surprise for many shoppers

SAN ANTONIO – Retail stores opened early Friday as holiday shoppers returned unwanted gifts.

"We are just doing some gift exchanges. Basically anything that didn't fit, we are bringing it back," said shopper Ray Valdez.

The day after Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year.

"She didn't like the style, so we are going to pick another pair for her. She's out looking at the boots already," said Rosemary Villarreal. 

Many holiday items are already on clearance, and shoppers are looking to stock up.

One of the biggest surprises this year was the short lines.

Many shoppers admitted they were expecting much worse.

"It's actually not as busy as we thought. This is our second store and it's pretty clear; not that bad," said Valdez.