Donald Trump using local tech company for presidential bid

Low overhead, previous relationship leads to Giles-Parscale selection

SAN ANTONIO – Donald Trump made his bid for the White House official Monday after filing the necessary paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission.

The billionaire business mogul's campaign has ties to San Antonio. His campaign website, donaldjtrump.com, was designed by Giles-Parscale, a local web design and web marketing firm.

"I think a lot of people are surprised when they find out that we work with Trump in San Antonio, and that we have that type of tech talent here in the city and that that can actually drive someone like Trump to use us," Giles-Parscale President Brad Parscale said.

Giles-Parscale has worked with Trump's international real estate firm for several years. Parscale said the company's staff and low overhead are what drove the Trump campaign to choose the firm for its website.

"San Antonio has a community that allows you to be competitively priced across the country, meaning that we have talent here, but we don't have some of the fixed costs of living and the other things that are as expensive," Parscale said. "We can compete nationally where others can't."

In addition to designing the site, Giles-Parscale also hosts and maintains it. Parscale said the selection is further proof that San Antonio is quickly becoming one of the country's fastest growing technology hubs.

"You can come in and work in an exciting field and work right here in San Antonio. You don't have to go up the street to Austin, you don't have to go to San Francisco. It's being done here in San Antonio," Parscale said.