Spurs Jesus catches burglar, holds him down until police arrive

SAN ANTONIO – A suspected burglar accused of trying to break into a Southtown home was arrested Monday night. 

The homeowner, known to many as Spurs Jesus, is often times seen dressed like Jesus Christ, while rooting on the silver and black.

Spurs Jesus was home Monday afternoon when he heard the suspect identified as Jose Roberto Medina trying to open up a second story window.

"I hear a noise behind my back and I turn around and my upstairs window there's somebody there with his hands under the window trying to shimmy up the window," said Spurs Jesus.

Medina took off running and Spurs Jesus gave chase.

Spurs Jesus eventually caught up to Medina and pushed him to the ground but Medina managed to get away by jumping into the river.

Medina would be caught a second time though, as he tried going back for the bike he left behind.

"Right about here is where I wrapped him up and tackled him and ended planting him over here in the grass and holding him down until the cops could show up,"

The encounter between the two wasn't the first, and Spurs Jesus refused to turn the other cheek.

"The same guy had been in our house the previous Thursday and walked in our bedroom on my girlfriend who was lying in bed," said Spurs Jesus.

Spurs Jesus plans to take security measures to make sure this doesn't happen again.

He admits though, he does have one regret and it's not having been in costume.

"I would say, that would (have) gone down as some pretty serious Spurs Jesus San Antonio history myth and lore and legend, if I had actually been dressed like that," he said.

Medina is being charged with burglary of habitation and is being held at the Bexar County Jail.

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