Nonprofit organization donates service dog to local veteran

Rescue dog trained specifically to assist veterans with PTSD

SAN ANTONIO – Local nonprofit, Veterans Assistance Dogs of Texas, donated a service dog to a veteran in need on Saturday.

"I’ve had dogs all my life and they do more for people than anybody ever knows. More than anyone could ever realize-they are smartest, most loyal, most loving thing you can have," said Craig Brumley

On Saturday the Veterans Assistance Dogs of Texas gave Brumley a service dog him Cory.

"I suffer from severe anxiety, manic depression,” said Brumley, “He's better than any drug."

Brumley is a Navy veteran who was honorably and medically discharged in 1988.

"The physical disabilities themselves were one thing. It’s after I got out and everything started getting worse -- that’s when the mental stuff started occurring and it got progressively worse over the years. From 2001 to now, was just like a bombshell," said Brumley.

Brumley said that having Cory makes managing post-traumatic stress disorder a bit easier especially when having going out in public.

Cory, a 3-year-old black Labrador/Great Dane mix, used to be a stray. He ended up at shelter and was rescued. Now, he’s found his forever home.

The organization trains each canine is to meet the specific needs of the veteran they are placed with. Cory is the sixth dog they have donated to a veteran in need of a service canine.

"It is nice to take that dog that nobody wanted, that had no value, and give it to somebody, and suddenly the dog just -- you couldn’t pay enough money for the dog at that point. They really do, they are going to save each other," said canine trainer Tammy Doherty.

"They are the best medicine. They love you unconditionally," said Brumley, "He's daddy's little boy."

To find out more about Veterans Assistance Dogs of Texas, click here to visit their website.