Police chief, city manager ‘outraged' after SAPD SVU fails to properly investigate 130+ cases

Independent review underway

SAN ANTONIO – Disappointed, appalled and outraged – that is how City Manager Sheryl Sculley described her feeling upon hearing that the San Antonio Police Department did not properly properly investigate more than 130 cases assigned to it.

At least one of the cases dates back to 2013.

A lieutenant and two sergeants from the Special Victims Unit have been transferred from the unit for "failing to properly supervise the unit," Police Chief William McManus said.

He said other disciplinary actions "are in the final stages."

Sculley has directed the city attorney and deputy city attorney to conduct an independent review of the unit and all cases that were assigned to it.

SAPD lieutenant, two sergeants failed 'to properly supervise the unit,' chief says

“Police officers and their supervisors who (were) neglect or interfered with the arrest and prosecution of sex offender or those who commit family violence is unacceptable,” she said.

McManus said in a news release that the transfers were made after an internal audit of some cases assigned to the unit revealed that the cases "had not been properly investigated."

Sculley said in the past decade, she and McManus have made policy changes within the department to help improve the investigating and prosecution of these types of crimes.

He also said he does not believe the mishandling was “malicious” but rather that it was the result of “negligence.”

Internal Affairs is investigating at least one case and other may review others, McManus said.

He said that the cases in question were reassigned to other investigators.

McManus apologized to the people whose cases were not properly handled.

“My humble apologies go out to the victims whose crime were not properly investigated, my humble apologies. We own that and we will fix it,” McManus said.

The unit is assigned to investigate cases of human trafficking, according to the city of San Antonio's website.

"There is a lot more that I want to say about this, but federal law and provisions in the collective bargaining agreement with the police union prevent me from doing so at this time," Sculley said. "Bottom line, we are going to deal with this.”

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