Community comes together to help family of girl killed in drive-by shooting

Delilah Hernandez, 10, shot, killed Thanksgiving morning

SAN ANTONIO – A family in mourning is being lifted up by their neighbors and community.

Delilah Hernandez, 10, was shot and killed Thanksgiving morning, marring the holiday with unfathomable grief.

But three days later, the family said they have something to be thankful for.

Tremendous tragedy brings on a tremendous response. Dozens of bikers got together to have a plate sale to help Delilah's family with the funeral costs.

Even before the bikers showed up, there was a lot of people passing through to help out.

"Neighborhood people, her school and then a lot of family and friends," Delilah's mother, Jacqueline Vega, said.

"A man came and took out his wallet and donated $100, and that kind of shook me up inside my body," family friend Oscar Balderas said. "That was beautiful."

Jimmy Robles of Last Chance Ministries, and other groups with him, brought more money as well as news that there had been a plot found for Delilah.

Robles also urged against revenge and retaliation.

Police said Delilah's older brother thought he was the intended target.

"If we can put it in their minds of the peoples right now and even in the public eye and even to the son that is here that he's not the bad person, because you can get kind of a conviction and start going crazy, and to let them know there's no reason why take revenge," Robles said. "You'll never finish. Retaliation will take place."

While the family looks for comfort, they're also still waiting for justice. Delilah's mother said they haven't yet heard any updates from police.

About the Author:

Garrett Brnger is a reporter with KSAT 12.