‘I'm Single': SA girl's Flambeau sign for marching Navy men goes viral

Girl finds charming sailor after asking Twitter to ‘help me find him'

SAN ANTONIO – It was a fun Fiesta for many across the city, but for one San Antonio girl, the celebration has just begun.

During Saturday night’s Fiesta Flambeau Parade, Jasmine Gonzales decided to ditch her family’s traditional “show me your shoes” sign in exchange for “I’m single” written on a bright, pink poster board.

Her mission? To find herself a military man, whom she knew was among those marching in the parade.

Gonzales told KSAT.com she came up with the idea when her mom was prepping for America’s largest illuminated parade and asked her if she wanted a sign. 

That’s when she looked at her dad and said, “Yeah, make one that says ‘I’m single’ so I can find myself a military man.”

“My dad was in the Navy and I’ve always liked the Navy, which is why I went specifically for them,” Gonzales told KSAT.com.

In a 20-second video, Gonzales is seen holding up her sign to the marching sailors when all of a sudden, a Navy man walks up to her and presents her with a kiss on the cheek.

While many in the background are screaming and clapping for Gonzales, the mystery man takes out his phone to ask for her Snapchat username.

Without hesitation, Gonzales provides it to him, but after realizing she was mixing up her Twitter handle for her Snapchat username, it was too late.

“It was too late because he had to go, so he took off with the wrong Snapchat name, which is why I needed Twitter to find him for me,” Gonzales told KSAT.com.

Shortly after the parade was over, Gonzales shared the video on her Twitter page with the caption: “I love my Navy men, San Antonio help me find him.”

Gonzales told KSAT.com she posted the video as a joke, but after gaining over 30,000 views in just a short amount of time, her tweet went viral, leading to some of the man’s Navy buddies seeing her message.

"(They) told me his name (Darian) and that he had lost my Snapchat anyways. So, they gave him my info and he texted,” Gonzales said. “We are actually going on a date this weekend to the zoo.”

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Gonzales told KSAT.com that Darian, who is originally from St. Louis, is temporarily in San Antonio for training until he leaves May 30.

She said it only took about 14 hours for her message to reach Darian and that many women on social media have told her that they plan to do the same next year at Fiesta.

Gonzales’ tweet has received over 600 retweets and more than 1,800 likes since sharing the video on Saturday.


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