4 SA nonprofits receive donations worth nearly $1 million

Donations from philanthropist Kym Rapier


SAN ANTONIO – Four local nonprofits received a big surprise on Thursday. 

They received nearly $1 million in donations from philanthropist Kym Rapier.

The charity leaders thought they were just meeting for coffee at Nicha's Mexican Restaurant Thursday morning.

Instead, they were each gifted with checks ranging from $100,000 to $350,000.

Among those nonprofits were the 100 Club of San Antonio, San Antonio Threads, God's Dogs Rescue and the Southside Independent School District.

Representatives for God's Dog Rescue were shocked to receive their $100,000 donation.

“We are just beyond grateful for Kym Rapier and the donation,” said Debbie Davis. “It's really more than I expected from anyone so I'm stunned.”

The biggest donation of $350,000 went to Southside ISD toward a future medical center on campus that would provide free health care for students.

The new medical center will get $350,000 each year from Kym Rapier's organization over the next three years.

In the end, that adds up to more than $1 million just for Southside ISD.

The donations are part of Rapier's annual $30 million donation to the San Antonio area.

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