Church leader hopes to change perspective on migrants

SAN ANTONIO – A local pastor is opening the doors of his church to migrant families making a pit stop in the Alamo City.

Travis Park Church has taken in hundreds of migrants since Thursday.

"We really believe in treating a stranger in a foreign land like our native born because we're all migrants from a strange land," said Gavin Rogers, the associate pastor at Travis Park Church.

The migrants, who are mostly from Central America, have come to the United States seeking asylum. Most are here temporarily while they wait to catch a bus or flight to their next destination.

"That's a legal action. The government has given them permission to go to a host home and wait on their next hearing," Rogers said.

Rogers has a unique perspective on migrants. He joined the migrant caravan that ended up in Tijuana in November and December. He said he's listened to their stories and considers some of them friends .

Rogers believes many of the migrants are just trying to escape gang violence.

"They're trying to have a safe life. I think sometimes we say 'better life,' but really, what are they trying to find is a safe life where they can raise a family," Rogers said.

Shelter officials are unsure how long the shelter will be operation but will keep a close eye on the situation at the border.

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