‘You stole my f---ing Prius:’ Man films citizen’s arrest after finding car thief on Nextdoor app

Accused thief left ‘tons of weed’ and dents in stolen vehicle, victim says

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A San Antonio man made a citizen’s arrest Wednesday night on the North Side after he found the thief who stole his Toyota Prius with help from the Nextdoor app.

Local resident Brian Burroughs called police to report the theft of his Prius, which had been stolen around 5:30 a.m. Wednesday.

His wife posted on the Nextdoor app asking neighbors to be on the lookout for the vehicle. A man reached out and said he knew the accused thief, who has been identified by police as Aurelio Toth.

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The man told the couple that he is Toth’s roommate and provided Toth’s address. “I gave that information to the police but they didn’t really seem like they were doing anything with it so I ended up going and sitting outside of his house until he got home,” Burroughs said in an interview with KSAT.

Burroughs said he went to the address, on Salisbury Drive, around 5 p.m. and waited until Toth showed up at approximately 9 p.m. Burroughs saw his Prius and after calling the police, he confronted Toth and began filming.

In the video, Toth is seen walking along a residential street with a bag and container in each hand. Burroughs, who is driving another vehicle, calls out to Toth: “you stole my f---ing Prius,” which Toth denies and continues to walk.

Burroughs can be heard asking whether Toth plans to also run from the police, but Toth keeps walking.

Police arrived at the location and detained Toth, who admitted on video to having left “a knife and a little bit of weed” in the Prius.

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Toth is charged with felony theft of a vehicle and felony credit/debit card abuse, according to court records. KSAT has reached out to San Antonio Police Department for comment.

Burroughs told KSAT he found a “ton of weed, ashes and burn holes” in the seats and “tons of dents all over the car.”

Burroughs said Toth was able to break into his garage and stole his keys which is how he managed to steal the Prius.

He also said a neighbor caught Toth on their Ring doorbell camera stealing a credit card out of their vehicle. “He used it to buy a bunch of welding equipment at Lowe’s,” Burroughs said.

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Aurelio Toth mugshot
Aurelio Toth mugshot (KSAT)

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