Judges addressing coronavirus issue in their courtrooms

Precautions being taken in areas of high-traffic volumes

SAN ANTONIO – While county commissioners were being briefed Tuesday by the Bexar County Office of Emergency Management on preparedness and prevention plans to deal with the coronavirus, county and district court judges were addressing the issue in their courtrooms.

Precautions include urging the use of hand sanitizers, and in at least one courtroom, the restructuring of dockets to limit the number of people in a courtroom at any given time.

“There are deaths happening, and cases of cross contamination happening on a daily basis,” State District Judge Stephanie Boyd said. “I don’t think we’re overreacting at all.”

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Boyd, who is on a recently-formed committee to address the coronavirus issue, is taking a proactive approach in her courtroom.

“We have hand sanitizers and Kleenex available everywhere and are urging attorneys to use hand sanitizers before and after handling paperwork,” Boyd said.

Last week, County Court #9 Judge Gloria Saldana restructured her dockets in order to have as few people as possible in her courtroom at any one time.

“I like to look ahead and try to do things the most efficient and the most protective way I can,” Saldana said.

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County commissioners were told that the housekeeping staff will begin wiping down surfaces in high-traffic volume areas with hospital grade disinfecting agents. There will also be an increased availability of hand sanitizing liquid to the public.

Free-standing touchless dispensers will soon be in place at all courthouse and justice center entrances and other county buildings.

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