SAQ: Emergency room doctor answers your coronavirus questions

Donations needed for health professionals

SAN ANTONIO – Till the crisis is over, KSAT News is stepping in to try and separate the facts from the fiction surrounding the new coronavirus.

Every weekday night during the 6 p.m. broadcast news and during the streaming KSAT News at Nine, we will have experts on to answer your questions and give the latest information about COVID-19.

SAQ: Coronavirus emergency room procedures

At around 6:30 every weeknight, our anchors will question experts live, and then, on the KSAT News at Nine, they’ll answer viewer questions submitted through the KSAT.com SAQ article. (You can also ask your question in the prompt below.)

Tonight, Dr. Robert Frolichstein, an emergency room physician, answers some of your coronavirus questions.

San Antonio urgent care network to provide region-wide COVID-19 testing

You can watch the latest segment in the video player above.

Facts can fight fear, and in times like this KSAT wants to do more, because you should expect it.

You can watch the 6 p.m. segment in the video player below:

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